Why I don’t ship Eleven/Rose

Now, this may be an unpopular opinion and I understand that 100%. I know there are people who will only ever ship the Doctor with Rose, and thats fine. My opinion differs greatly and this is why. If you disagree please scroll past this and ship on.

 My main problem when shipping Eleven/Rose is that the Doctor has changed so much. I’m not simply talking about the regeneration - which is also accountable.

 Time changes people, experiences change people. I am certainly not the same person I was three years ago. Its been centuries for him, and he is not the same man that Rose knew and loved in many ways. I just feel like who Rose was, and the powerful woman Rose became wouldn’t fit with who the Doctor is now. I can put some of the blame of Moffat and his characterization of the Doctor - but thats another story. I just don’t think they would or could be the way they were.

 At his core, the Doctor is “the same man, always” but our personality, the way we act. That also makes us who we are, and we fall in love with these little quirks and personality traits. Ten and Eleven’s personalities are way different, in my opinion. Eleven is adorable, and childish with this huge streak of the oncoming storm right dab in the middle. Ten, although he was of course still an alien, still a time lord and had those oncoming storm traits as well - a big part of his story and his character was that he was so beautifully human. When he regenerated the person he became is so far off then the man he was when he knew Rose.

 While Eleven shudders at thought of the slow path, and thinks of settling down as “bizarre”, Ten had this desire to have that life. He saw it as “The one adventure he could never have”. While Eleven goes off saying “You’re only human.”, Ten went around exclaiming “Human beings! Amazing!” He wanted that adventure with Rose, and I think he was the only version of the Doctor capable of fulfilling it.

 During the metacrisis in Journeys End - when the Doctor’s consciousness splits into two and the metacrisis Doctor realizes that he’s part human his initial reaction is “Oh, thats disgusting!” BUT when he see’s that this means he can spend his one life with Rose he accepts it with arms wide open, because he wants it. Has always wanted it. 

 Sure, the Doctor has always had a special place in his hearts for the human race, and absolutely still does, it was different when he was Ten. He was born out of his love for Rose. Rose who was so human. He wanted to be human, he actually became human in season 3. When he was going to regenerate he did everything he possibly could to stop it, because he saw it as his death.

"It feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away… and I’m dead."

 It almost feels to me as if that version of the Doctor that loved Rose so much died with him. I’m not saying Eleven does NOT love Rose, I know he does. He always will. I just don’t feel like he is in love with her, ergo why I don’t ship them. A lot of people take the “give me someone I like” scene was proof that he still is, but when I saw that scene I just felt this wash of thats it? He reacted almost the same exact way to Martha and Donna. Also, this was like the first time they were directly bought up since RTD left. I don’t see him feeling that way for her anymore. That super strong love that nearly broke him and actually killed him if not for Donna in season 3. Thats not there for me now. I feel like he has moved on, not because he’s “married”, but because time does its thing, and heals. I want him to have moved on. I want him to find someone again. Because no matter what Rose could have never spent her life with him. 

 Lastly, when i think of Eleven/Rose or read a fic of them that I came across and read out of curiosity it almost always involves Rose leaving TenToo.

 Before I go any further, I have written some meta on why TenToo literally and genuinely is the Doctor, Rose’s Doctor, and NOT a copy/clone/fake here, here, and here. Please read those if you remain unconvinced.

 I may be biased here, considering how much I adore the ending that Rose got, but I just feel no sympathy for this hypothetical Rose who would dump the man she loves and her family in order to swan off and find Eleven. Rose loves the Doctor, but she was in love with Ten. She didn’t want him to change. Now, she gets this amazing gift of spending her life with him and growing old with him and she just what? Throws it - and him - away like its last week’s rubbish? No. The Rose I know and love would never. 

 I don’t know, I just felt the need to explain, and help myself understand, why I feel this huge amount of “no” when I think of Eleven and Rose kissing when Ten/Rose are my ultimate OTP of all OTP’s to ever OTP. I hope that made sense, and maybe someone agrees with me.

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